Emmion’s business begins with the end of Moore’s Law. For over 50 years, advancements in technology have continued to improve the speed of the computer workhorse - the CPU. In the last 10 years, the increase in CPU performance has slowed to a crawl. The days of scaling up are over for now; the industry is scaling out. The impact of this is being felt throughout the industry. Web browsers, video games, spreadsheets, and molecular simulations all have to be re-written or updated to handle a distributed, heterogeneous computation landscape.

Emmion specializes in supporting that transition. We are a software development company that understands the current landscape and where it is going. New architectures like the IBM Power8 series and NVIDIA GPUs provide massive amounts of computational power and lower power consumption. Unfortunately, most applications cannot take advantage of these systems. The computer industry has seen a shift. The hardware vendors are paving the way and the software systems need to catch up.

Emmion’s business model is to provide support for this transition. Our staff has over 35 years experience in embedded and high-performance computing. Our goal is provide exceptional software by combining a strong knowledge of the changing industry landscape while adhering to cutting edge software development practices. Creating and following an advanced development process allows for rapid prototyping and rapid, distributed development while minimizing errors and poorly designed code.

Our business model is simple. You have challenges. We have solutions that provide an excellent ROI. We can help you develop software solutions from the OS layer, the middleware layer to the application layer that will allow you achieve more computation at a lower cost.